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Click on the image above for updated FLAG pictures with our TAH Teachers.

05.12.2014 Madison Southern High School TAH Teachers 

For the past 4 years a majority of the Social Studies department at Madison Southern have been involved in the Teaching American History Grant. It is a federal grant designed to equip American History educators with the skills and resources to teach 21st century kids. Teachers (pictured above left to right), Deana Abbott, Courtney Nestor, Doug Martin, and Melissa Grant have all been involved in this project and received many free trainings and supplies to enhance their class room teaching. During the past four years they have participated in and attended workshops to employ activities such as gallery walks, class discussion, and document analyses. The project has been highlighted with a trip to New York City the first summer of the project, 2011, and will end with a trip to Washington D.C. this summer. Participants really credit Clabe Slone, project coordinator, with making it a great success. Deana Abbott stated “We are really going to miss the project, but we have received benefits that will impact our instruction for years to come.”

Website Article

05.09.2014 TAH: A Teachers Perspective

As a teacher I am always looking for new ways to improve my teaching skills and to learn and experience new things. For the past two years I have been a participant in the TAH grant. TAH stands for Teaching American History. This grant has provided me with training on new perspectives in history, taught me how to use primary and secondary resources, and provided me with a number of resources and links on the computer. A big part of the training this year involved the use of Kagan, which teaches you how to use different strategies to teach in the classroom. I found that I was already using many of the strategies, but learned new ways to apply them to history. This grant also has allowed me to visit sites in New York City that I would never have been able to do and is taking us to Gettysburg, Mount Vernon and Washington DC.

I gained more knowledge, and got to visit important sites in history because of participating in this grant. Opportunities like this are very important to our teachers. The benefits of such are program are immense. We learn about new strategies, varying perspectives and get to revisit important historical events. This inspires us to be better teachers and to pass that inspiration on to our students. This is my last year teaching, and I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity. I hope they continue to offer such opportunities in the future to our dedicated teachers.

Sharon Price

Casey County High School

Liberty, Ky. 42539

04.11.2014 National History Day Judging @ MSU

TAH Teachers traveled to Morehead State University on April 5, 2014 and participated in the Regional National History Day as Judges for the Kentucky Historical Society. The event held right under 500 students who displayed their projects. These included website designs, poster boards, performances, and student interviews. It was a great event with many wonderful ideas on historical themes and awesome student work! We were blown away by the details that many of these young students displayed. Judging the student work was not an easy task, however, many of us learned the value of how projects such as these, can engage all students. More importantly, we have also learned how National History Day can be incorporated with the C3 Framework, the platform that the Kentucky Department of Education is using to create the new anticipated Social Studies Standards.

The Kentucky Historical Society will be presenting at our Teaching American History Network Summit on June 17/18, at Eastern Kentucky University. More information can be discussed with KHS or Cheryl Caskey who coordinates these events state wide every year. The State event for the National History Day is set for April 26, 2014 at the University of Louisville. State winners will then proceed to the National Level. We wish all students the very best of luck!

03.26.2014 Dr. Kathy Swan | C3 Framework - Breaking Bad Social Studies!!

Play the video above or click on title page to the left. 

03.22.2014 TAH Grant Oscar Style! 

The Oscars have nothing on this TAH Group!

On March 14, 2014 our Teaching American History Grant held its last cadre meeting with our FLAG teachers for the 2013-2014 school year. Dr. Resor was on hand to give the group her last presentation at the cadre level. The group decided to end the day in Oscar fashion and made a statement with an Oscar Style photo!

TAH teachers have enjoyed all of the experiences and stories from Dr. Resor with in depth discussions on historical content that they have been able to take back to their classrooms. Dr. Resor will be back, along with Dr. Eubank from Campbellsville University, at our Teaching American History Network Summit on June 17 and 18 at the Perkins Building at Eastern Kentucky University. All teachers are welcome to attend this two day event at no cost. Register at www.tahnetwork.webs.com

This group has reached excellence in the classroom on several occasions this year. Recently, three of our TAH teachers received the Campbellsville University Excellence in Teaching Award. Andrea Lawler (pictured on top) from Campbellsville High School, Kasey Bardin (middle) from Meece Middle School, and Rachael Yaden (bottom) from Lincoln County Middle School always demonstrate a true cooperative learning model in the classroom, promote student engagement, and hold all students to high expectations. The TAH Grant is very proud of these teachers and their recognition and achievements. Their effort goes beyond the classroom, from teacher leaders at their school to leaders of their Social Studies Leadership Networks promoted by KDE. The sustainability of TAH will be reaching more teachers and schools going into the near of future.

02.26.2014 Teaching American History Network 

TAH teachers have been participating with our FLAG cadres, Social Studies Networks, Leadership events, and leading the classroom with solid examples within new C3 Framework.  This framework will be the platform for the new Social Studies State Standards that KDE hopes to unveil in the near future.  TAH is also excited to announce a full one day workshop with Dr. Kathy Swan from the University of Kentucky on April 24, 2014 about the C3.  More information and registration can be found at www.tahnetwork.webs.com. 

During classroom observations, TAH teachers are providing many powerful resources and strategies for their students. Documentation from numerous visits include Kagan Cooperative Learning, iPad Apps such as Socrative, Show Me, and Educreations, History Alive, National History Day projects, Prezi, Document Based Questioning, and use of primary and secondary sources with ACT Quality Core concepts.

Recently, our TAH teachers also had the honor hearing from Paul Sears, a P.O.W. WW II Veteran, who later on became a distinguished professor and administrator at the University of Kentucky. Mr. Sears told his story with many details and historical events that gave everyone a true perspective of being a P.O.W. He also provided several primary sources and artifacts for our teachers to explore. His story will somewhat be relived in a new HBO television series based on the book “Masters of the Air.”

To end our segment, we would like to celebrate with Megan Freyer.  Megan has been a part of our TAH grant for the past 4 years from Harlan, KY and recently she received awesome news.  Her students scored 2nd in the state on their EOC exams with 92% of them scoring Proficient/Distinguished! She was quick to credit the TAH Grant and all of the resources, experiences, strategies, and Dr. Resor for giving her the support in the classroom.  Way to go Megan!!  

12.19.2013 TAH Project 2014 & Network Summit Updates


Our TAH Project 2014 is still a work in progress; however, our teachers have established the necessary platform to complete their finished product. Working with Google Chromebooks and creating Google Presentations, teachers have done research projects within 18 counties in Kentucky. These research projects will include a short narrative about a specific historical event or character, along with photos and short videos. Their final research project will also include an interactive map, created by them with Google Maps, to give others an idea of exactly where in Kentucky their project took place. These projects will be completed by the end of April 2014. For more information about the TAH Project 2014, please visit the website.

Please mark your calendars for June 17 & 18, 2014! Our 2nd Teaching American History Network Summit will take place at Eastern Kentucky University. This is a free event for all teachers in Social Studies, Language Arts, Special Education, and Administrators. Last year, we established the first Network Summit for teachers that have been a part of the TAH Grants in the state of Kentucky. This Summit will provide professional development in the areas of Social Studies and Language Arts. The Network Summit will also focus on Instructional Strategies, Student Engagement, Technology, and Historical Content. Our partners will include several Universities and companies that have worked with our Grants in the past. We look forward to continue this for years to come.

12.03.2013 Thank You TAH, Superintendents, & Jeff Dane

Just want to send a huge thank you to our Superintendents for allowing our TAH Teachers to attend KAGAN's Brain-Friendly Teaching PD. Also, a huge thank you to Jeff Dane from KAGAN. Within these 3 days of training we hosted teachers from Pulaski, Science Hill Independent, Somerset Independent, Madison, Harlan Independent, Casey, Lee, Garrard, Laurel, Estill, Lincoln, Campbellsville Independent, and Pineville Independent Schools. We also had participants from Midway College and Eastern Kentucky University. Kagan Publishing & Professional Development

11.21.2013 Flag Night Cadre with Dr. Eubank

TAH Teachers enjoyed another great night with Dr. Eubank as he led our discussion on "Why Hitler Lost WWII", at Meece Middle School in Somerset, KY.  Many in depth theories and war strategies were reviewed along with a personal insight how Hitler viewed the war fronts and technology.   

A new strategy for classroom engagement was tested out, called One Word Rally.  It is based on KAGAN structures and concepts that develop cooperative learning between students.  The example used tonight was "A Value of Thoughts," a list of questions to get teachers thinking about their strengths in the classroom and their ability to be great teachers.  

11.12.2013 TAH Project 2014..........TAKE 2!! 

What an exciting day! Day 2 with our TAH Project 2014, was very encouraging and rewarding at the same time.  Teachers took the technology of their chromebooks and found a vast amount of resources and learned how to piece together a google presentation.  Building a presentation from scratch was a bit difficult at first, however, once the connections were made the teachers really excelled with their project.  Inserting videos, images, and google maps brought together a realistic look into their research.  

Our TAH teachers were also creative and have found ways to make their google presentation interactive for future use with students.  Some of the projects include: The Battle of Munfordville, The Lancaster Kentucky Grand Theater, Battle of Barbourville, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Owingsville KY, Estill Springs, Traveler’s Rest, History of Coal and Labor, Camp Wildcat, The Cumberland Gap, Richmond Cemetery, Fitchburg Furnace, The Legacy of Mary Todd Lincoln, and a look into a one room school.  

TAH Teachers will revamp and finalize their projects between now and April 2014.  A final product of their google presentations and maps will be housed on the TAH Website for others to share and use in the classrooms for students.  

11.10.2013 TAH Inclement Weather Procedure 

Inclement Weather Notice for TAH

With winter around the corner, this would be a good time to explain our weather procedures.  If we are hosting a TAH event at the Lexington KEDC Conference Room, all events will take place at the original time unless Fayette County Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather. If FCPS are closed due to weather, all events will be canceled and rescheduled for another day.  

Same procedure for our Somerset Night Cadres.  If Pulaski County Public Schools are closed due to weather, then our Night Cadre will be canceled and rescheduled.  

In the event that your school district cancels school due to inclement weather, please use your best judgement regarding your safety while traveling.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  

Be safe!  

11.07.2013 TAH Project 2014 Day 2 is set to GO 

This coming Tuesday (11.12.2013), we will have our 2nd day of Training on the TAH Project 2014.  For a copy of the agenda, click here.  


Be sure to bring with you saved images, URL images, saved videos, your narrative, cited sources, and other additional information.

TAH Teachers that still need the basic knowledge of how to use the chromebook and teachers that have not received a chromebook yet should plan to arrive at 9:00.  You will receive your chromebook and a one hour training before we start. Training for the TAH Project 2014 will begin at 10:15.

Please remember, if you obtain a chromebook, you are required to complete this project in order to keep it after the Grant is over.


Be safe on the road and see you soon!  CS

10.31.2013 KAGAN - Brain Friendly Teaching DAY 1

Jeff Dane from KAGAN enjoyed another awesome day with our TAH Teachers. Picking up from last semester, we hit the floor literally running around, making symbols, marching our feet, playing games, and yes having FUN!

We had a very engaging day learning new strategies along with deep discussions about Brain-Friendly Teaching. This was our first day out of three total that will take place with our TAH Teachers.

KAGAN structures to teach the way brains best learn! Simply put, that was the hot topic and learning that took place. Some of the new structures presented were Pair-up Review, Move and Be, Terrific Tag, ZIG-ZAG-ZOG, Celebrity Interview, and Traveling Rally Interview. These TAH Teachers really took the new structures and got engaged with them!

We were also introduced to the 6 principles of Brain-Friendly Teaching. Within days 2 and 3, TAH teachers will explore deeper into each principle for more meaning and understanding. TAH teachers also looked at ways to incorporate more Kinesthetic Symbols, which are good skills to have students answer questions and have response modes for remembering.

Days 2 and 3 will take place at the KEDC Lexington Conference Room on December 2nd and 3rd.

10.25.2013 | FLAG Cadre Highlights 

FLAG Teachers took part of the Teaching American History Network Cadre on October 25, 2013 at the KEDC Lexington Training Room.  Dr. Resor discussed her presentation on Transportation: Teaching History with a Theme.  Great examples were given with photographs dating back to the early 1900’s with real existing roads, bridges, railroads, and canals.  Historical topics about transportation expanded from the early colonial period, through the revolution, the civil war, and into the early 1900’s.  Like always, Dr. Resor connected important facts to the state of Kentucky to show the importance to our TAH Teachers.  The research on this topic was clearly illustrated to the teachers through the presentation with a vast amount of information.  More information about this presentation can be found here: Transportation in American History.

David Hurt from the Kentucky Humanities Council also presented about his character “Grandpa Jones.”  David Hurt is part of the Kentucky Chautauqua’s program that helps educate our state by delivering historically accurate dramatizations of Kentuckians who made a difference.  His character connected our TAH Teachers back to the Great Depression and how many Kentuckians fled the state in search of jobs for their families.  Our FLAG teachers learned about the famous character through discussion, entertainment from some of his famous songs, and his skills as a vaudeville comic on the show Hee-Haw!  

Updates about the upcoming Social Studies Network was led by Latishia Sparks from KDE / KEDC.  FLAG teachers were given some important information about the next steps within the networks and the current work within the C3 Framework.  Networks are set to begin in January 2014 within all 8 regions of the state.  

The TAH Project 2014 was finalized for the group, with a clear direction on what the final product should display.  Their work with the Google Chromebooks was also discussed along with what type of lesson plans to submit into their online portfolio’s.  In all, it was a very informative day with our FLAG teachers!  

10.21.2013 | FLAG Cadre with Dr. Resor October 25, 2013

We will be having our first Day Cadre Event with Dr. Resor this coming Friday at our KEDC Training Room in Lexington, KY.  She will be discussing "Transportation in American History." 

We will also have a guest with us from the Kentucky Humanities Council,  David Hurt.  He will be playing the character of "Grandpa Jones", part of the Kentucky Chautauqua's.  

Updates about the upcoming Social Studies Networks will also take place, along with TAH updates.  Look forward to seeing you there!  CS  

Click here for the Agenda 

10.08.2013 | Delay with Social Studies Standards Assessments 

Here is an update to the Social Studies Standards from KDE, per KSBA eNews, Oct. 4, 2013

Slow down development of these standards. The Council on Chief State School Officers has just released a “framework” for the standards, which is under KDE review.  “The early indication from numerous national groups is that the framework does not meet rigorous requirements. KDE will be pursuing a slowing down of the progress for the development of these standards. Given the discussions that emerged from the science standards, we want to gather as much feedback and input from Kentucky educators as possible before taking the next steps.”

10.07.2013 | TAH Project 2014 & TAH Portfolio Updates

On the TAH website, you will find some updates on how to accomplish your TAH Project 2014 and instructions on how to upload your on-line portfolio (lesson plans and public relations). These instructions are screen casts videos that will guide you step by step.

Between now and November 12, research your historical topic and you may begin collecting items for your project. We will spend time on November 12, working on your project together. For the project you will need to located, download, or create photographs, videos, and a short narrative (200 words). The short videos on the TAH website can assist you, but if you are still having trouble working with google presentation, then this day can help you out more.

Here is a list of the videos and the links to the screen cast videos that are on youtube.

Upload a google presentation: http://youtu.be/l13S3yuv3ME

Upload Lesson Plans with screenshot, dropbox, skydrive: http://youtu.be/VC962Pa7MFA

Upload Lesson Plans with google drive: http://youtu.be/6_E0z8vx9GM

Upload Public Relations with google drive: http://youtu.be/KyxboGU5uqA

Upload a google map: http://youtu.be/U8mkzj4iQ8U

Sharing your google presentation and map with me: http://youtu.be/tvB4d4bF3CQ

Upload a video with youtube capture: (if you create your own video, this is one way of doing it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MYfXeFGVzU&feature=share&list=PLmdPwdQVNXzn5lOwan59TdVCyjtRNoHRk

10.01.2013 | Meet Dr. Eubank and Dr. Resor - Your Cadre Professors 

(From Campbellsville University - www.campbellsville.edu)

Dr. Eubank, a native of Hardin County, Kentucky is a Campbellsville alumnus. He earned his doctorate at Mississippi State University and is the author of two books and numerous articles and reviews. His interests include Kentucky history, Civil War, and military history. He currently serves as division chair. (Dr. Eubank at CU)

Dr. Eubank has been with the TAH Grants AMTF and FLAG for the past 5 years, bringing many in depth historical discussions with our teachers in the program. This year his topics include "Why study the American Civil War?", "Dealing with Holocaust Denial", "How Hitler Lost World War II" , "Contributions of Ancient Civilizations" , and "The Greatness of Abraham Lincoln."  

A longtime educator, Dr. Resor coordinates the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Eastern Kentucky University. She taught high school in Monticello, Ky., and earned her 

Ph. D. in history at the University of Kentucky. (Dr. Resor at EKU)

Dr. Resor has many publications and has taught several courses at EKU ranging from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, and Teaching in the Secondary School.  Her main interest would include Historical Fiction, Food in History, Alternative Certification, Social Studies Education, Medieval History - 12th century, and the Shakers.   

Kentucky History has been a major focus with Dr. Resor for our TAH Grants AMTF and FLAG.  For the past 5 years she too has brought many wonderful topics to our teachers using many primary and secondary sources.  Her topics for this year include "Transportation Revolutions in American History", " Disease and Death in American History" , "Land, Agriculture, and Food in American History" , and "Housing in American History." 

09.26.2013 | FLAG Night Cadre

Dr. Eubank discussing "Dealing with Holocaust Denial" tonight. Great group of TAH teachers on hand at Meece Middle School, in Somerset, KY.  

Discussions about the Holocaust took place along with new Technology ideas about Blended Learning in the classroom.

TAH Teachers were also given updates about their TAH Project 2014, On-line Portfolio, and Chrome Book details.  

Click here to see the Agenda.   

09.23.2013 | It's Great to be a TAH Teacher! 

So far this year, our TAH Network teachers have worked with ACT Quality Core, Google Chrome Books, studied more about specific reasons why to research the Civil War, and the Holocaust. Many teachers in the network have also been asked to be a representative to the Kentucky Leadership Networks for Social Studies in their region. This is exciting for our TAH teachers as they will bring many experiences to the table about student engagement, primary sources, and use of technology in the classroom. What a busy year already and we have only gotten started!

Next Month, TAH teachers will be studying Transportation Revolutions in American History at our KEDC training room in Lexington, KY. Dr. Resor from Eastern Kentucky University will lead the discussions and give in depth details on the topic. To go along with the theme, we will have an Kentucky Chautauqua character from the Kentucky Humanities Council to discuss reasons why Kentuckians left the state during the Great Depression. The character will be Louis Marshall Jones, better known as “Grandpa Jones” from the television show Hee Haw. The person behind this character, David Hurt, will give a very descriptive portrait of his life.

We will also begin our training with Jeff Dane from KAGAN to discuss Brain-Friendly Teaching. This is a look at which parts of the brain are engaged as we use different instructional strategies. Through the use of technology there is an emerging understanding of which teaching methods best align with how the brain best learns. These structures will help our TAH teachers become far more effective in the classroom and be model teachers for their schools.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of TAH!

09.17.2013 | Update with Social Studies Network & Standards 

From Latishia Sparks | Instructional Specialist KDE |  www.kedcssela.weebly.com

Hello all,

I am writing to you today to say “hello” and to kick start your thinking.  You have been selected to be a representative to the Kentucky Leadership Networks for Social Studies at KEDC (Ashland). We will begin meeting in January (worry not-details will be coming soon) and will be working on and with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards in Social Studies. I wanted to touch base with you today because it is Constitution Day-which would be plenty great in itself –but this year we get a bonus with it also being the release day for the new College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.

The C3 Framework is the result of a 3 year, multiple-state collaboration that included teachers and content specialists led in part by Kentucky’s very own, Dr. Kathy Swan, Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education at U.K.  While the C3 Framework is not a set of standards or a curriculum,  it is a guiding document for individual states to use in work and decisions about Social Studies state standards.

Kentucky has already begun working toward a set of state standards and Kentucky Department of Education’s Update on the Social Studies Standards work in Kentucky provides a thorough picture of what has happened thus far in our social studies standards work and explains what lies ahead including a bit about the Kentucky Leadership Networks for Social Studies.

And lastly, I wanted to share today’s article in Education Week, New Social Studies Framework Aims to Guide Standards which explains how the C3 Framework came to be and specifically mentions Kentucky’s work.
I am looking forward to meeting you all in January. I would be more than happy to answer any questions or chat about the work before then too.

09.16.2013 | FLAG Pre-Surveys | Assessments are now Live

Your links for your pre-survey and your students pre-surveys and pre-assessments are now available.  These links can be found on the TAH website under the tab FORMS | Surveys.  Remember we also have links for Non-Participating Teachers, so do not take those, just those that are associate with FLAG.  All TAH teachers will use these links. Your Pre-Assessment will be taken at one of our cadres or events. 

09.16.2013 | TAH Observation Dates

I have posted on the TAH Website a list of dates and times for this school year.  These will be days where I come and observe you (one time only) for 22 minutes.  These dates can be found under Forms | Surveys, and then click on TAH Observation dates.  You will be directed to a google spread sheet.

Send me an email or text me your date and time that you wish to have.  I will keep it updated on this spreadsheet, so make sure to look and see if your time is available.  

If possible, please try to schedule with another TAH teacher in your school, district, or county.  If this is not possible, that is ok.  I will work around your schedule and what works best for you.  

09.10.2013 | Letter to your Superintendent and/or Directors of Technology 

To: Superintendents, Directors of Technology. CIO’s 

Currently we have 42 teachers across Kentucky involved with the Teaching American History Network. A 

teacher within your school district is currently with the TAH Grant. This is a Federal Grant that involves 

teachers acquiring professional development with student engagement, technology, and historical 


This Grant is under the control of the Kentucky Educational Development Corporation | KEDC. 

(www.kedc.org) Throughout the course of this year, our teachers will need access to websites, in order 

to participate with short assessments, surveys, and peer observations. These sites also contain log-in 

access to TCI (History Alive!) and Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips along with admission to 

information on attendance hours and cadre activities (google spreadsheet). Our main objective with be

our work associated with the TAH Project 2014 using chrome books. 

The two websites that your teacher(s) will need access to are www.tahnetwork.webs.com and 

www.clabeslone.webs.com. Both sites are for educational purposes and non-profit. 

We would appreciate your assistance in allowing these sites to be open for both your teacher and 

students in their classroom. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me.

09.10.2013 | This just in!  Grandpa Jones is coming to a Cadre near you! 

We have just confirmed that Grandpa Jones from the Kentucky Chautauquas will be presenting at our TAH Cadre on October 25, 2013 at KEDC in Lexington, KY. This will be in part with our Cadre session with Dr. Resor from EKU.  

For more information about the Kentucky Chautauquas and KHC, please visit their website Telling Kentucky's Story.

09.09.2013 | Substitute Teacher Reimbursement from TAH 

TAH Teachers, 

Here is the procedure we will follow this year for Sub Reimbursement back to your school district. 

Feel free to forward this on to your Principals and Central Office.  This explains how they can be reimbursed back for subs, when you are at one of our events. 
When your district needs to be reimbursed for your sub on TAH dates, they will need to do the following: 
Your district will need to send an invoice for the amount to be reimbursed plus a copy of your sub slip for the day for documentation.   This will need to be done by someone at central office or the bookkeeper/finance person at the school building level.  (Every school district is different in how they do this)
This information needs to come to me.  The documents may be emailed to me directly or they can be faxed to our Lexington Office at 859-252-8187 ATTN: Clabe Slone TAH 

For a billing Address, please bill to:  
904 Rose Road
Ashland, KY  41102

In most cases, we should be able to send a check back to your school district within two weeks.  

08.30.2013 | TAH Project 2014 | Google Chromebooks

TAH Project Day 1 | September 4, 2013

TAH Project Day 2 | November 12, 2013

Due Date | April 30, 2014

The project you will select must have at least one of the following platforms to research:

o A local historical character

o A local historical event

o A local historical edifice (organization, network, association, group, society, structure, or building) 

The character, event, or edifice must be in the county that you reside in.  For this project you will be providing the following information:

o A narrative (limited to no more than 200 words)

o The location of the character, event, or edifice

o Provide the location on Google Maps

o CITE multiple sources for data and information

o Provide digital photos of the character, event, or edifice (more than one)

o Provide brief digital videos of the character, event, or edifice (more than one)

o Provide a list of web links and authors for additional information  

For this project, we will be working with google chrome and most of you will be working with google chromebooks.  Google presentation will be your work location for this project, thus you will need a google account.  Other google apps will be used as well to help out with your research.  Your finished presentation will be published to the web and linked to the Teaching American History Network Website. 

On the two dates, September 4 and November 12, we will set aside time to show you how to use google docs, presentation, and some apps.  Time will also be set aside to allow you to work on the project along with some guided assistance.  In order to receive a google chromebook you must be part of the TAH Grant for the 2013 | 2014 school year and you must attend one of the dates listed above.  Those that wish to attend both dates are welcome to come!

Also, do remember, that you do not have to have a chromebook to complete this project.  This project may be done on any computer.  You will only need a gmail account or access to gmail and google drive to complete it. 

08.23.2013 | Teaching American History Network going Google! 

Teachers with the TAH Grant and those coming to our Network events will be working one to one with Google Chromebooks on September 4, 2013 and November 12, 2013. Both dates are part of the Teaching American History Project 2014. Teachers in the TAH Grant will receive a Chromebook to work with for the year and will be engaged with a historical research activity that will tie into their local history in the State of Kentucky.

The project will consist of individual projects from the participants with the TAH Grant. Information provided will include images, videos, audio, primary sources, secondary sources, and other resources on a specific historical event or person from their school district’s county. These events or historical figures will be posted on the TAH website www.tahnetwork.webs.com

Teachers will be working with google maps, google drive, google docs, youtube, and many other extensions from google. Teachers will also be making submissions on lesson plans, reflections, and public relations with an on-line portfolio using the same platform with google chrome.

08.19.2013 | FLAG Night Cadre with Dr. Eubank August 22, 2013

Directions to MMS – Click Here

We will have our first Cadre meeting on Thursday (August 22, 2013) at Meece Middle School, in Somerset, KY.  The school is located right off HWY 80.  All night cadres will take place at MMS, in their library. We will begin at 5:30 Eastern Time.  

Dr. Eubank will be discussing “Why study the American Civil War?” Following the discussion will be information for our FLAG Teachers and information about our TAH Grant.  Topics to discuss will include expectations of the TAH Grant, testing, surveys, the TAH Project with Google Chromebooks, Peer Observations, and more.  

Do allow some extra time coming into Somerset.  Construction on HWY 80 may make it difficult to turn into the school parking lot if you are coming from the London direction.    

08.06.2013 | Teaching American History Network 2013 | 2014

Greetings TAH Teachers, 

I know that each of you are getting ready for the new school year and I wish each of you an exciting and productive year with your students. Several of you were at our ACT Quality Core Training last week and I was happy to see each of you so early with this last year of the Grant.  

We have alot of events for this year and we also have the opportunity to allow other teachers to come, that only want to attend our network sessions.  Our next TAH event will take place on August 22, 2013 with Dr. Eubank. 

If you are interested in owning your own chromebook, please make plans to attend the two sessions on September 4 and November 12.  We will be working on a project with the chromebooks and you will have the opportunity to see the advantages of how these machines can help your classroom and your students.  

One last note, we will be taking our FLAG Teachers to Washington D.C. this year.  Right now the dates are set for June 25 to June 30.  Completion of FLAG requirements must be met to attend this trip, but this will be at no expense to you.  I will explain more in our Cadres.  Look forward to seeing you soon!  CS